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J - Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars 

U - U Smile by Justin Bieber

D - Do I Wanna Know? by Artic Monkeys

Y - Yayo by Lana Del Rey / Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

(+ Pompeii by Bastille) 

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

"We’ve experienced many joys together,
Many are the goals we celebrated.
But we’ve also suffered  -
That’s what makes victory so sweet.
This feeling never loses - 
it always wins.
If we believe together - we will win together!”

make me choose between two things meme:
anonymous made me choose between: hazel grace or tris prior

“Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death.” 

"He’s captain for a reason."

so they didn’t break the cup this time

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Allure Magazine 2002

Think my name’s funny, do you? No need to ask you yours. Red hair, and a hand-me-down robe? You must be a Weasley.

Marco & Lewy shared so many secrets after the game. :)

Super happy in the interview :)

"You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain."

sam boggs appreciation post bc dayum...